KEPPEDIH CAM organizes numerous activities and manages most cultural centres in Chania. It seeks to co-operate with cultural entities, proving that through collaboration we can achieve a lot. KEPPEDIH-CAM aims to activate citizens for their voluntary participation in the organization of cultural and social activities.

The scope of the cultural goals of KEPPEDIH CAM is wide, in the effort of our organization to promote artistic expression. From providing the basics for the proper functioning of the various cultural centres to supporting artistic theoretical research and organizing memorable events for the citizens of Chania and the visitors to our city, the goal of KEPPEDIH-CAM is to make use of all the means at its disposal to make life in Chania more beautiful.

Our cultural scope in detail is the following:

• Organizing or taking part in the organization of concerts, theatre performances, exhibitions and other cultural and artistic events.
• Promoting cultural interchanges at national, European and international levels.
• Promoting cultural tourism.
• Organizing workshops for various groups on topics related to culture.
• The support, dissemination and development of the creation of high quality artistic and theoretical work, in every possible way, as well as the promotion of Greek cultural production, with a particular local focus, especially emphasizing in architectural creation.
• More specifically, to support the development of creative skills in dance, music, theatre, cinema, visual arts, hagiography, photography, with the organization of seminars of music, dance, theatre, visual arts, literature, painting, sculpture, photography, cinema, digital technologies, traditional instrument crafting, folklore dance and art, etc.
• Promoting the collaboration, experimentation, innovation, research and, generally, activities that broaden and evolve our expressive capabilities.
• Strengthening the bonds of Local Government with Culture.
• Broadening and exploiting the possibilities of realizing cultural productions and co-productions, as well as artistic interchanges of all kinds, especially in the field of architecture, at local, national and international levels, with the participation in national and European cultural networks, the cooperation with other cities in the field of Culture and, generally, with other European and Mediterranean cities, taking part in European Union programs.
• The implementation of policies for the promotion of culture.
• The promotion of cultural goods and contemporary cultural works produced at local, national and international levels by creating, operating and exploiting the facilities of cultural centers, museums, theatres, cinemas and all kinds of centres dedicated to cultural expression and creation, with special attention to the field of architecture via the Mediterranean Architecture Centre.
• Linking the Mediterranean Architecture Centre with Education in order to help form the future personnel that will staff it.
• Contributing to decentralization, as well as to the formation of the cultural and architectural identity of the city.
• Organizing conferences, lectures, seminars, symposiums, workshops, meetings, exhibitions, events and related activities.
• Operating canteens in the various cultural centres