Chania Great Arsenali CAM | Restoration | Initial PhaseIn 1997 the Municipality of Chania, aided by the newly founded CAM, commissioned the School of Architecture of the National Technical University of Athens to perform the preliminary design of the restoration of the monument so that CAM and its events could be hosted in its premises. The assistant professor G. Kyzis was the head architect and the associate professor V. Koumousis was the civil engineer.
Subsequently, the architectural design and the detailed design were undertaken by architects P. Grammatopoulos and Ch. Panousakis from Athens, and A. Varoudakis, G. Varoudakis and K. Mavrakakis from Chania. The latter three also undertook the supervision of the construction of the project, which was carried out by architects L. and M. Batakis as contractors.
The Monument was delivered to CAM and was inaugurated on May 18th, 2002.

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