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Date:Wed, 23 Oct 2019 - Sun, 24 Nov 2019


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Modernism in Mediterranean Architecture

Photo exhibition by BRUNA BIAMINO
Supervised by Aphrodite Economidou

The Municipality of Chania and KEPPEDIH-CAM in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute of Athens, with great pleasure, present the work of the renowned Italian photographer Bruna Biamino.

Bruna Biamino is from Turin and specializes in architectural landscape photography – from the Baroque palaces of northern Italy to the most well-known industrial archaeology monuments – and has devoted much of her work to researching and registering pioneering movements in Italian architecture.
Starting from the conviction that architecture and photography are inextricably and dialectically related, Biamino transposes the three-dimensional aesthetics of architecture to the two-dimensional photographic representation, adapting it to contemporary art / visual requirements. As part of this search, the photographer focused on the Rationalism movement, which is one of the most important and interesting chapters of the recent Italian architectural heritage.
Rationalism (Rationalistic Architecture) first appeared in the early 1900s and was not just a new architectural style, but a new architectural worldview, a new way of understanding the relationship between architecture, people and society, a movement marked by the direct link between form and functionality, by the elimination of decorative elements and by the use of innovative materials and clean volumes that it proposes. Following the strong trend for renewal and modernism in the early part of 20th century, Italian Rationalism was inspired by the teachings and practices of the renowned representatives of the Modernism Movement (such as Gropius in Germany, Le Corbusier in France, Aalto in Finland or Wright in the United States) combining rationality and functionality with creative inspiration. At the same time, it was aesthetically influenced by the artistic tendencies of the 1920s-30s in Italy, such as the futurism of Marinetti and Boccioni and the metaphysical painting of de Chirico and Carrà while, from a technical viewpoint, it pioneered the research and use of innovative materials and technologies, true breakthroughs for their time.
This created a "Mediterranean Rationalism" genre that left a strong impression in Italy and in many countries around the Mediterranean. Typical examples of this architecture can be found in Greece, in the Dodecanese, where urban interventions included the redevelopment of historic centres, the improvement of the road network, the extension or redesign of the urban fabric. The public buildings designed and built by Italian architects in Rhodes, Kalymnos, Kos and Leros - where we can find the majority of urban interventions - are schools, hospitals, cinemas and theatres, barracks, stations and bridges, excellent pieces of architecture, many of which remain in use to date, fully integrated into the architectural fabric of the island cities.
Bruna Biamino recorded architectural testimonies of the common history of our two countries with her lens, as seen through an architectural perspective, and lays out her photographic works as an artistic tribute to the strong cultural bond that unites Greece with Italy. Through the careful gaze of an Italian photographer who is an admirer of Greece, the exhibition, supervised by Aphrodite Economidou, offers the spectators the opportunity to discover and enjoy the architectural treasures found in our country, while granting them the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the Rationalism Movement.
To this end, the exhibition will be complemented by a lecture on the subject of Rationalistic Architecture, organized in collaboration with the Technical University of Crete, which will enjoy the participation of Greek and Italian experts (November 16, Main Hall, Great Arsenali).


Great Arsenali - Akti Enoseos & Katehaki Square, Old Port of Chania
Ground Floor Exhibition Hall

Exhibition opening:
Wednesday, October 23, 18:30

Exhibition Supervisor:
Aphrodite Economidou

Information and additional material:
e-mail: sample.brunabiamino@gmail.com

Municipality of Chania
Italian Cultural Institute of Athens

With the support of:
Technical University of Crete - School of Architectural Engineering
Cultural Association “Friends of Italy - Amici d'Italia”

Series of Lectures:

Modernism in Mediterranean Architecture - From Inspiration to Rationalism
Saturday, November 16, 2019, 19:00
KEPPEDIH-CAM, Main Hall, Great Arsenali

Vassilis Kolonas
Professor - Department of Architecture, University of Thessaly
Alexios Tzompanakis
Associate Professor - School of Architecture, University of Crete
Rosalia Vittorini
Associate Professor - School of Architectural Engineering, University of Rome Tor Vergata

Bruna Biamino
Biographical Note

Bruna Biamino CAM exposition Chania | Event

Born in Turin, where she still lives and works, she was awarded a scholarship in 1984 for the Visual Studies Laboratory in Rochester, NY, where she studied with Nathan Lyons, attending courses in Black & White Photography and Psychoanalysis & Photography. She works as a professional photographer in the field of architectural and industrial photography. In recent years she has focused her research on urban landscape and has specialized in professional portrait photography. She teaches at the Istituto Europeo di Design and at the Holden University Center. Her photos form part of collections of museums and cultural institutions in Europe and the United States, including: Musee de l'Elysée in Lausanne, the Italian Photography Institute in Turin, the Milan Space Archive, the Polaroid Foundation in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the GAM Civic Galllery of Modern and Contemporary Art, the MAXXI Museum in Rome.

The lecture will be held in the Greek language

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