The Kipos Municipal open air cinema is located at the Municipal Garden of Chania and harmoniously introduced in the verdant scenery of the Garden, with the stone clock tower, built in 1913, adding a touch of magnificence.

During the first years of the cinema’s operation, when there was still no electricity, the pervasive smell of acetylene and oil was mixed with the scents of jasmine and evening primrose. All around, there were only oil lanterns for lighting. The manual projector used an acetylene flame, highly unsafe for the flammable cellulose film.

So, "sit as comfortable as possible on the wooden benches” and make sure that, although it may hurt, you do not rush to get up when the film ends. You don’t want the operator to think you are evading his given right to the “fanariatika” (wages of the “lantern keeper”) …

That is the legacy of this unique, purely popular cultural centre of the people of Chania. Unfading for more than a century, the universally pioneering “Cine Kipos”, has always been owned by the Municipality, as was the entire Park. Initially however, it was leased, like the café in the Park, to renowned entrepreneurs. In the cinema’s “golden” and most profitable era well known families managed the cinema: Manolikakis, Savvakis, Spandagos, Chatzidakis, Venianakis, Polakis and Bonanos. After the Spandagos period, the cinema moved from the west of the park to its new position under the Clock, the manual acetylene projector was replaced by an electrical one, the display was changed to panoramic and, last but not least, when it was upgraded to CinemaScope, the cinema’s name changed from the primal "Cine Assetilini" (Cine Acetylene) to "Titania".

On March 6th, 1980, the Municipal Council of Chania by its resolution No.13 established the “Kipos” Municipal Cinema – the first in our country.

Such a decision was not easy. Some were hesitant, others were worried. For the first time the Municipality would play the part of an entrepreneur, in the absolute lack of any institutional framework (the legal background for Municipal organizations would come many years later).

The cinema’s steering committee would be a group of municipal councillors and members of the Film Society, who would also oversee the films schedule. With unprecedented efficiency, the cinema was prepared, seats and projector were purchased and on May 30th, 1980, all was ready for the premiere: Bergman's “The Serpent’s Egg”. An experiment had begun....

Over the years, Kipos has remained a constant attraction for film fans from Chania as well as for visitors to our city.

Kipos continues its journey into the world of images and sounds; a unique example of culture and entertainment.