The Villa of Congressman Manoussos Koundouros

The Villa of Manoussos Koundouros Chania | Facade This two-storey detached house was designed by Michalis Savvakis and built in 1909, under his own supervision. It is located at the end of Iroon Polytechniou Street on the sea front. The serene, almost cubic volume of the house is broken by the small north balcony and the widening of the design to the west of the floorplan, which is, in turn, highlighted by the discreet northwest spire of the railing on the roof – a trace of the typical "must-have" tower of Savvakis.The Villa of Manoussos Koundouros Chania | Reception Area

The layout in the floor plan is typical, as in almost all the houses - offices of congressmen designed by Savvakis, with a second entrance for the unobstructed movement of the people of the house, the reception areas and the office on the ground floor, and the private spaces on the upper floor. On the facade, the construction of the central axis of the entrance is characteristic. The same can be said about the balcony with pillars and pediment ending in lion heads, and hewed, carved corners made of white tuff stone. The patterns of the stone carvings surrounding the circle than contains the date of construction of the house manifest the western influences of Michalis Savvakis.
The Villa of Manoussos Koundouros Chania | Northern SpireThe outer smooth cast with straight dark lines has a warm color tone between ocher and terracotta. The exterior doors are among the most beautiful in the city with complex intertwined balustrades, while there is free space around the house with the indispensable palm trees.