Centre of Mediterranean Architecture | Eastern side of the Great Arsenali

Objectives of CAM:

CAM focuses on the issue of Architecture from the point of view of both the architects and the public. It assists the architects to achieve what is best for the whole community, always under the notion that successful space management creates happiness.

CAM, ever since the first formulation of its constitution, aims to organize various activities and events that will draw the attention of the public to the topic of space management and the art directly related to it, Architecture.
It seeks to emphasize on those features of Architecture that represent what is considered an expression of its "Mediterranean identity" and that emerge from the uniqueness of space management in Mediterranean countries.
CAM intends to restore respect to the natural environment and to render the built environment its value as a cultural product.
In line with the above principles, the activities of CAM were classified in seven fields through which the aforementioned goals may be reached.

These fields are the following:

1. Architectural Events
2. Architecture and History
3. Architecture: Theory and Practice
4. Architecture and Education
5. Architecture and Media
6. Investigating the Mediterranean Identity
7. The dimension of space in other arts

On this understanding, CAM addresses two groups: the general public and the professional architects.

Regarding the public, the role of CAM is informative and educational. The goal is to raise awareness on the significant impact that Architecture and the art of space management have on people's lives and happiness.
As for the architects, the objective of CAM is to encourage scientific and artistic research and to support the evolution of Architecture. This approach aims to improve the image of our homes, of the city and the countryside.

At the same time, CAM promotes scientific interaction by facilitating cooperation with similar entities in Greece and the Mediterranean.
More in particular, by cooperating with the entities which until now had fully undertaken this task, namely, the Technical Chamber of Greece (TCG), the department of Western Crete of the TCG, the Panhellenic Association of Architects and the local Architects Associations of Crete.
With these same goals and with the intention of activating a fruitful continuing education, CAM collaborates with Schools of Architecture operating in Greece and Europe and especially with the School of Architecture of the Technical University of Crete.

The operation of CAM up to now and the credibility it has gained can be attributed to a large extent to its many friends who either trusted CAM and offered their services effortlessly under the best possible conditions or consistently followed its events.

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