art@home | KEPPEDIH – CAM Chania | Chania municipal Library Chania Municipal Library

Access and discover the city’s library.

Available in Greek only.

art@home | KEPPEDIH – CAM Chania | Europeana | Digital RepositoryEuropeana

A digital repository of cultural content with resources from many different European countries. It is the European effort to compile and disseminate the continent’s cultural wealth.

art@home | KEPPEDIH – CAM Chania | National Library of Greece | Digital content National Library of Greece

On the site of the National Library of Greece you will find books available for download in both Greek and English just by signing up. Enter the term that interests you and access the content you want.

art@home | KEPPEDIH – CAM Chania | World Digital Library World Digital Library

Under the auspices of UNESCO and the United Nations, it offers rare books and works in 7 languages (English, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, French and Portuguese). A priceless source of knowledge.

art@home | KEPPEDIH – CAM Chania | French Institute LibraryCulturethèque

The French Institute opens its voluminous web library, in which you can acquire freely books, comic books, newspapers, music albums, concerts and videos in the French language.

art@home | KEPPEDIH – CAM Chania | National Emergency Library | borrow books online National Emergency Library

More than 2,5 million books in a wide variety of languages with multiple search criteria for you to choose. You will also find audiovisual material in an ample range of topics.

art@home | KEPPEDIH – CAM Chania | Free books and audiobooks
Free e-books and audiobooks

On many sites across the web we can now find books ready for download to our computer. An initiative in which new resources are added daily:

The above-mentioned sites offer books in Greek.

art@home | KEPPEDIH – CAM Chania | Plastelini | e-books Fairy Tales| pdf - narrated Plastelini

(Play-dough) Greek fairy tales narrated or in e-book pdf form

art@home | KEPPEDIH – CAM Chania | Akousenabiblio | Book Narrations Listen to a Book

A big collection of both classic and newer narrated books.

Narrated in Greek.

art@home | KEPPEDIH – CAM Chania | Mikros Anagnostis | Fairy tales Mikros Anagnostis

On the website of Mikros Anagnostis (Little Reader) you will find narrated fairy tales in Greek as well as resources and material about books and learning.