4th Chania High School announcement:

Our school participated in the action of the "Demofilos" Students' Voluntarism Network of Chania for the beutification of the Peace & Friendship Park, with our B1 class. Our children wholeheartedly took up their brushes and embellished the park contributing to its restoration.

Way to go!

Participating schools:

Chania Special Education and Vocational Training School, Kissamos Special Education and Vocational Training School, 4th Chania Kindergarten, 2nd Chania Special Primary School and Kindergarten, 7th Chania Primary School, 11th Chania Primary School, Nerokourou Primary School, Private Primary School of the Naval Base of Crete, 1st Chania Junior High School, 2nd Chania Junior High School, 4th Chania Junior High School, 7th Chania Junior High School , Platanias Junior High School, Souda Junior High School, Nea Kydonia Junior High School, Therissos Music Junior High School, 1st Chania Professional High School, 2nd Chania Professional High School, 1st Chania High School , 2nd Chania High School, Eleftherios Venizelos High School, Vamos High School.

A second round of applause by KEPPEDIH-CAM for all the students that participated: Thank you twice!