For children

Learning Applications of the Acropolis Museum

art@home | ΚΕΠΠΕΔΗΧ - ΚΑΜ Χανιά | Μουσείο Ακρόπολης | Ψηφιακές ΕφαρμογέςDigital applications for fun, educational videos and learning resources that bring ancient exhibits closer to children. Learning about the Parthenon Frieze, taking the tour of the museum through a guided search for information about Athena, playing the very well designed game "Glafka" with which even adults will want to play, not only serve entertainment purposes, but allow our culture to talk to children in their own language and really relate to it and know it better. Take advantage of this unique opportunity given to you by the Acropolis Museum.

Moreover, on the website of the Acropolis Monuments Preservation Service you will find a repository of educational resources about the Acropolis with learning apps and material.

Most resources are available in English as well

Toys by the Museum of Cycladic Art

art@home | ΚΕΠΠΕΔΗΧ - ΚΑΜ Χανιά | Μουσείο Κυκλαδικής Τέχνης | Ψηφιακές ΕφαρμογέςAbundant educational resources in comic-like menus that make the ancient world more accessible to children. There are also crafts designs and instructions for making toys with children. Enjoy creative quality time with your youngsters by the Museum of Cycladic Art.

All home activities are available in English as well

Met Museum for children

art@home | ΚΕΠΠΕΔΗΧ - ΚΑΜ Χανιά | Met Museum | Ψηφιακές ΕφαρμογέςWith a full map of the museum in which you can find the exhibits and corresponding explanations in English. Alternatively, you have a list of criteria, where you enter the term that interests you and press "play". You are automatically transferred to the relevant exhibits.

National Museum of Contemporary Art

art@home | ΚΕΠΠΕΔΗΧ - ΚΑΜ Χανιά | Εθνικό Μουσείο Σύγχρονης Τέχνης

The National Museum of Contemporary Art encourages children to be creative. On the facebook page of the EMST names of artists will be posted along with respective works of theirs, as well as relevant material, and the children, after studying the material, are invited to present their own work and send it to the EMST.
Find more details on the facebook page, HERE.

Discovering Stories

art@home | ΚΕΠΠΕΔΗΧ - ΚΑΜ Χανιά | Εξερευνώ τις Ιστορίες| Εκπαιδευτική ΕφαρμογήA very amusing application of the Ministry of Education for primary school children. In a simple game environment, they practice the full range of their skills from vocabulary and historical knowledge, to logic and literature.

Available in Greek only.


art@home | ΚΕΠΠΕΔΗΧ - ΚΑΜ Χανιά | Αερόστατο| Εκπαιδευτική ΕφαρμογήA collection of pleasant and easy-to-use entertainment and learning applications, with various levels, for small children by Aerostato (Hot-air Balloon).

Available in Greek only.

Mikros Ananostis

art@home | ΚΕΠΠΕΔΗΧ - ΚΑΜ Χανιά | Μικρός Αναγνώστης | Ψηφιακές Εφαρμογές

Games by Mikros Anagnotis (Little Reader)

Available in Greek only.


art@home | ΚΕΠΠΕΔΗΧ - ΚΑΜ Χανιά | e didaskalia | Εκπαιδευτικό Υλικό | ΔραστηριότητεςLearning resources of all levels of education as well as educational games by the platform of e-didaskalia.

Available in Greek only

National Opera of Greece

art@home | KEPPEDIH – CAM Chania | Greek National Opera | Learning ApplicationsEducational applications and games from the National Opera of Greece for students of all ages.

The applications are available in Greek only.

Educational Television

art@home | KEPPEDIH – CAM Chania | Educational Television A YouTube channel with learning - educational content (in Greek).

For All

Painting for Adults and Children

art@home | ΚΕΠΠΕΔΗΧ - ΚΑΜ Χανιά | Δραστηριότητες | Ζωγραφική για μικρούς και μεγάλουςDownload coloring books with original patterns, which go beyond the typical flowers and abstract forms. Catalogs of collections of 113 institutions, in an initiative of the New York Academy of Medicine.

Chess for all

art@home | ΚΕΠΠΕΔΗΧ - ΚΑΜ Χανιά | Lichess | Σκάκι από το σπίτιThe most recommended chess application by the experts through With no ads or any sort of subscription it provides, in addition to online play, computer lessons for specific strategies or, if you are a beginner, series of “lessons” for the basics of this intriguing "art" that is chess. Also available through the platforms for mobile and tablet apps.