From the photography exhibition about the gorge of Samaria | CAM
  • Elaboration of local programs for the protection and redevelopment of the natural, architectural and cultural environment, within the framework of national and European policies.
  • Protection and management of water resources, soil protection and pollution control in the area of the municipality.
  • Assisting the competent fire department authorities in fighting fires, especially in forest areas, with any appropriate means at the disposal of the Organization.
  • Organizing workshops on topics related to the environment.
  • Promoting dialogue, access to research, knowledge and information on the development of action plans at local and regional levels, especially in the field of architecture.
  • Raising public awareness on the serious effect of architecture in our life and promoting scientific interchanges by facilitating and contributing to the cooperation with similar entities in Greece and the Mediterranean.
  • Participation in European and national programs to finance initiatives and projects within the scope of KEPPEDIH-CAM.
  • Implementing olive fly controls and other measures aimed at protecting the natural environment.
  • The promotion of activities related to the scope, as well as selling catalogs, works and coursebooks, in order to allocate the resources to the financing of the organization’s statutory goals.