The amazing 4th Rock Under the Clock Festival was above all expectations, this year too! ⚡️

🌊 The choice to move the RUTC to a genuine concert venue, such as the East Moat Theatre, proved to be insightful as the venue was filled with music fans, early on. Attendance was unprecedented, as 2524 people were counted at the entrance. The audience clearly showed an interest in the local bands, supporting their efforts, by arriving at the theatre from the beginning of the event. This proves that the festival achieves its purpose, and that our efforts are worthwhile.
Northwaves”, “Cosmonuts”, “Woodtales”, and “The Dragons” did their best once again and received a very warm welcome by the audience, who rewarded their efforts. The elaborate sound production, the exquisite lighting and the inspirational music of our young bands brought together the musicians and the audience creating the feel of a true big-scale concert. Our guest-band, “1000mods” rocked Chania once again!

🌊 Food supply (2480kg) almost tripled as compared to last year, when a record-breaking food supply had been reached. The Chania audience truly outdid themselves by almost reaching a ratio of one kilo of food per spectator. We cannot thank you enough for it. The distribution covered abundantly three of the most organized social support structures in Chania: The Splantzia Soup Kitchen, the social supermarket of the Halepa “Kyttaro” Culture and Sports Association and the social supermarket of the Municipality of Chania.

The volunteer support this year was immense! Young people of all ages helped make the festival a success. We would like to thank all the volunteers!

The presence of the Red Cross was even stronger this year, because of the greater attendance, with 12 volunteers in the infirmary of the East Moat Theatre.

Special thanks to:
Junkart for the imagery of the festival, CHANIA SOUND for logistics and cooperation, Nikolas Kokovlis and Athena Le for their great photos, Eikonotopio team for the filming of the festival and to all those of you who helped make this event possible!

🌊 Finally, the organizers thank the Municipality of Chania and Keppedih-CAM for co-organizing and significantly contributing to the event, as well as all our sponsors, without whose help this festival wouldn’t have taken place, since it is completely non-profit!

The preparations for Rock Under the Clock Festival 2020 are underway…

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Rock Under the Clock Festival Chania Photo

Rock Under the Clock Festival Chania Photo from the food distribution Rock Under the Clock Festival Chania Photo from the food distribution Rock Under the Clock Festival Chania Photo from the food distribution