KIFI Chania | Personnel and Indirect Beneficiaries

Structure and Personnel

The Structure is staffed by four staff members, with the following specializations:

1 Nurse
2 Care Workers
1 General Assistant
1 Driver

External collaborators
1 Mental health counsellor
1 General practitioner

Nurse’s Duties:

  • Taking the beneficiaries’ medical history
  • Registering the needs of the beneficiaries
  • Assessment of mobility and nutritional status
  • Control of vital signs (blood pressure, blood sugar measurement)
  • Supervision, follow-up of medication and, when needed, medicine administration (insulin, anticoagulants, anxiolytics etc.)
  • Treating limited skin ulcers or injuries
  • Information on health education. Strengthening the mental state and mobilizing to participate in self-care
  • Training on issues pertinent to the day-to-day care of the elderly (nutritional support, avoiding bed rest, etc.)
  • Organizing informative workshops, presentations, speeches, events and other activities
  • Keeping and updating personal medical records
  • Cooperating with the family when necessary
  • Organization and management of consumable or non-consumable sanitary equipment

Care Workers’ Duties:

  • Reception – Filling in the candidate's application
  • Personal hygiene, cleanliness
  • Discussion and participation in solving the problems faced by the elderly
  • Support in the medicine administration
  • Development of creative activities for the beneficiaries

General Assistant’s Duties:

  • Interior cleaning work
  • Outdoor cleaning work
  • Provision of personal care services (preparation and serving of breakfast, personal hygiene)
  • Other ancillary tasks when needed

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