art@home | KEPPEDIH – CAM  Chania| National Theatre at homeNational Theatre at home

The National Threatre Live is now available for free on your computer. The performances are updated every Thursday at 9pm (7pm GMT) and will be available on YouTube for a week.

art@home | KEPPEDIH – CAM | National Theatre of GreeceNational Theatre Digital Archive

An important archive that brings historic performances of the National Theatre of Greece to your home (The performances are in Greek).

art@home | KEPPEDIH – CAM Chania | National Theatre of Greece | Online BroadcastsNational Theatre of Greece

Theatrical performances streamed by the National Theatre of Greece renewed every week.

These performances are in Greek.

art@home | KEPPEDIH – CAM Chania | Bolshoi Ballet | YouTube channel YouTube channel of the Bolshoi Ballet

With programmed premieres and an archive of historic performances in HD resolution, with free access to all.

art@home | KEPPEDIH – CAM Chania | Chrysippus | Theatre Performance Chrysippus

Dimitris Dimitriadis’s play, directed by Thanos Samaras, as presented at the Athens Festival. With: Rania Economidou, Michail Tambakakis, Nikolas Michas, Thanassis Dovris, Sofia Kokkali, Giannis Siamsiaris, Angeliki Stellatou, Nikos Karathanos.

This performance is in Greek.

art@home | KEPPEDIH – CAM Chania | We | Theatre Performance | Zero PointWe

Yevgeny Zamyatin's futuristic play premiered in Greece by the Zero Point Group at the Attis Theater – Neos Choros from April 2015 to April 2016. Direction, adaptation and scenery by Savvas Stroumbos.

This performance is in Greek with English subtitles.

art@home | KEPPEDIH – CAM Chania | Dimitris Papaioannou | Inside Dimitris Papaioannou | Inside (2011)

A comment of the artist regarding the free online streaming of the entire 6-hour stage performance: "Now that we have all taken a pause to stay inside, I present “INSIDE” to all of you. A six-hour, continuous one-shot. You can use it for your desktop, for meditation, for company, for reflection or as a lullaby. It aims to make you "lose yourself and find yourself again."

art@home | KEPPEDIH – CAM Chania | Poreia TheatrePoreia Theatre

The Poreia Theatre grants us the opportunity to watch important performances from its archive for free. Professionally filmed with many cameras and from various angles, the performances began to be broadcasted on Tuesday 24/3, with "The Great Chimera" of Karagatsis. The performances are available from 10 pm to 10 am next morning. Find the full schedule on the theatre’s page, via the link above.

art@home | KEPPEDIH – CAM Chania | Neos Kosmos Theatre | Online Performances Neos Kosmos Theatre

The YouTube channel of the theatre where you will find most of their performances, with great audio and image quality, arranged in yearly playlists. A remarkable effort!
The performances are in Greek

art@home | KEPPEDIH – CAM Chania | Theatre PerformancesTheatre performances and shows for adults and for children on YouTube

Pressing the above link you will get directed to a YouTube playlist of select Greek theatre performances.