Event Type:Broadcast Theatre | Opera

Cultural Area:Centre of Mediterranean Architecture

Date:Monday, 06 Apr 2020


Starts: 21:00


Admission: 12€

Children up to 12 years old: 10€

Students: 10€

Unemployed: 10€

Disabled: 10€

Group tickets (over 20): 10 €


King Lear

Jonathan Munby directs Ian McKellen

The Antenna Group, in collaboration with the British Embassy, the British Council, the Municipality of Chania and KEPPEDIH CAM connects the audience of Chania with the theatrical heart of Europe and presents Shakespeare’s classic "King Lear".

The National Theatre of London in Chania | King Lear | Shakespeare | CAM Event NTL | Photo @ Johan PerssonJonathan Munby directs a modern version of the Shakespearean drama, where violence and tenderness, emotion and horror coexist. Ian McKellen is inspiring as King Lear.

At the dawn of their lives, two fathers reject their children, even though their children really love them. Incapable of seeing reality, they open the road to betrayal and ruthless ambitions. Families in a rabid power struggle, with a bitter end.

Director: Jonathan Munby
Cast: Ian McKellen, Sinéad Cusack, Danny Webb, Kirsty Bushell

Broadcasted with Greek subtitles.