Event Type:Cinema

Cultural Area:Kipos Municipal Cinema

Date:Thursday, 16 Jul 2020


Starts: 21:30


Admission: 5€

Children up to 12 years old: 1€

Students: 1€

Unemployed: 1€

Disabled: 1€

People over 65: 1€


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"The Selfish Giant" by Clio Barnard

Σινεμά Χανιά | Ο εγωιστής γίγαντας | Clio Barnard | ΚΕΠΠΕΔΗΧ - ΚΑΜ | Δημοτικός Κινηματογράφος ΚΗΠΟΣ | Φωτογραφία"The Selfish Giant" is a modern story and the main characters are 13-year-old Arbor and his best friend Swifty. When they are expelled from school, and while they live as strangers in their own neighborhood, the two boys meet Kitten, a local scavenger. In an effort to make some money, but also find a purpose in life, they start working for him collecting scrap metal and cables, using a horse and a cart. Swift has a natural talent for horses, while Arbor tries to imitate Kitten - in order to impress him and make more money. However, Kitten seems to have a soft spot for Swifty, and Arbor goes unnoticed. The friendship between the two boys is put to a test, as Arbor becomes more and more greedy. The tension culminates leading to the tragic event, which will transform them.

A humane social film, which was greeted warmly at the Directors Fortnight at the 66th Cannes International Film Festival, where it was screened. Clio Bernard takes us to today's Britain and tells the tender story of two little boys, in a modern adaptation of the famous Oscar Wilde fairy tale.


• “Label Europa Cinemas” Award,
• Directors Fortnight at the 66th Cannes International Film Festival
• Hitchcock Gold Award at the 24th British Dinard Film Festival in Brittany, France
• Best Picture Award at the Stockholm Film Festival
• New Auteur Audience Award and the New Auteur Special Award for Direction, AFI Festival, Los Angeles
• Grand Prix for Best Picture at the 40th Gent Film Festival,
• Bafta Award nominee for Best British Film.

Directed by: Clio Barnard
Screenplay: Clio Barnard
Music: Harry Escott
Starring: Conner Chapman, Shaun Thomas, Sean Gilder

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Ticket can be paid in cash or with VISA, MASTERCARD cards.
Note: After charging a card, it is NOT POSSIBLE to cancel the ticket.

- It is not allowed to enter the cinema after the screening has started.
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- Tickets for any available seats are issued locally at the ticket office five minutes before the screening starts, without prior reservation needed.
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