Event Type:Theatre

Cultural Area:East Moat Theatre

Organized by: Magic spinning tops – Marosoulis Company

Date:Sunday, 18 Aug 2019


Starts: 21:00


Admission: 12 €

Pre-sale: 10 €

Unemployed: 8 € (at the theatre entrance)


Peter Pan, J.M. Barrie
Magic spinning tops

All children grow up, except for one...
This is a modern, dynamic, enchanting, imaginative production of J.M. Barrie 's timeless masterpiece, taking us to a Neverland, which, in fact, could be a well-hidden place in the everyday life of modern city children.
Neverland Is Now. It is an inventive game and a magic visible to everyone. Neverland is a playground of adventure, where the lost boys (and girls) live today with the objects at their disposal.

Adaptation-Direction: Dimitris Adamis
Scenery-Costumes: Magic spinning tops
Movement: Ch. Souyoultzi - A. Linardou
Orchestration: Giorgos Konstantinidis
Music Supervision: Dimitris Adamis
Song Teaching: Ioanna Emmanouil
Masks-Props: Iphigenia Kofou

Actors: Aris Vevis, Mikes Glikas, Depy Morari, Nefeli Economou, Tassos Raptis, Konstantinos Tsonopoulos, Chrisalena Christopoulou, Mariliza Chronea

Start of pre-sale at the ticket booths: 12/8/2019
This play is in the Greek language