Event Type:Music

Cultural Area:Mikis Theodorakis Theatre

Date:Monday, 06 Jan 2020


Starts: 20:30


Free Entry


Concert with compositions by Kyriakos Eleftheriadis

Kyriakos Eleftheriadis was born in 1984 in Veria, where he grew up. In 2001 he left his hometown to study in Serres. Studying the theory of makams and through exploring old recordings on 78 rpm records of music from Smyrna, Constantinople as well as “Café aman” repertoire, he began playing oud, self- taught, with his brother Alexis who was playing tambouras. In 2007 he returned to Veria, where he took his first oud and lyre lessons on the principles of the scholarly music of Constantinople, as well as Byzantine music lessons instructed by music teacher, Iordanis Koutsimanis. At the same time, he became involved with musical instrument making in his brother's instrument workshop. It was then, that they created their first music band, "ahi bahi", which participated in festivals, concerts, documentaries, a fairy tale festival in the island of Kea and in the area of Olympus, where they presented the traditional fairy tale "Golden bird" in the local dialect.
At the same time, he began collecting and compiling music recordings, photographic material and biographies of musicians who were first generation refugees from Asia Minor and had settled in Veria. He also recorded the local music tradition of his city through archived material and interviews of the period 1900-1930. In 2013 he came to Crete to participate in Constantinople lyre and Oud seminars by Derya Turkan and Yurdal Tokcan respectively, at the “Labyrinth” music workshop. Since then he is living in Chania. He has contributed to the creation of the music collective "yar aman", which has been around for 7 years now and participates in anti-racist and music festivals, shows and events for solidarity. All these years in Crete he has shared musical backgrounds and knowledge with many musicians, studied Cretan music and has worked a lot with the music of the eastern Mediterranean. For twelve years now, he has been experimenting with composing orchestral music based on the makams and the rhythms of the East. In June 2018 he presented his compositions in the Chania Municipal Garden in co-operation with the Municipality of Chania

Participating musicians:
Isidoros Vardaros - violin
Kostis Zondanos - Cretan lyre
Giorgos Vamvounakis - kanun
Rania Rossopoulou - flute, pipe
Eleftheria Blazaki - accordion, bendir
Charis Bakas - tombak, bendir,
Stelios Economakis – darbuka, riq
Panos Siassios – double bass
Salman Gorur - amanes
Kyriakos Eleftheriadis - oud, tambouras

Giannis Lykos - sound engineer
Maria Pateraki - poster photo
Louisa Callousi - poster