Event Type:Exhibitions

Cultural Area:Centre of Mediterranean Architecture

Date:Sat, 18 Jan 2020 - Sun, 02 Feb 2020


Morning Start: 11:00

Morning Close: 13:00

Afternoon Start: 18:00

Afternoon Close: 21:00

Weekend Starting Time: 18:00

Weekend Ending Time: 21:00


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Traces of a Life III - CHANIaRT 2020

The exhibition is presented by the "Nikos Skepetzis" Art Festival and the Chania Museum of Contemporary Art – “Olivepress” at the ground floor exhibition hall of the Centre of Mediterranean Architecture (CAM) Center, Akti Enoseos & Katehaki Square, Old Town, Chania.

The exhibition includes paintings, sculpture, engraving, photography, collage, video art and installations by the following artists: Andy Avdiay, Konstantinos Andronis, Irini Vazoukou, Argyri Vassilakou, Margarita Vassilakou, Alexandros Voutsas, Nikos Giavropoulos, Kalliopi Giatroudaki, Giannis Dialinos, Giannis Dramitinos, Stella Drigianaki, Giannis Theodorou, Stavroula Kaziale, Gianna Kali, Vicky Kamenou, Giorgis Kapellonis, Stella Koukoulaki, Efstratia Macheridi, Ioannis Monogios, Lamprini Boviatsou, Konstantina Bolieraki, Ismene Bonatsou, Costas Pagomenos, Sylvia Petsoura, Chrisoula Skepetzi, Vassilis Solidakis, Phevos Sofikitis, Nikos Stathopoulos, Giannis Stefanakis, Isabella Stylianou, Maria Tsouknaki, Michail Falkonis and Antonis Frantzeskakis.

Curator: Chrisoula Skepetzi.

The exhibition "Traces of a Life III" is co-organized by the Region of Crete, the Regional Unit of Chania, the Municipality of Chania, the Municipality of Platanias, the Centre of Mediterranean Architecture, the Match More Art Gallery, the "Nikos Skepetzis" Art Festival, the Chania Museum of Contemporary Art – “Olivepress” and is part of the Artistic Program of CHANIaRT 2020.

This is the third year of the “Nikos Skepetzis” Art Festival. It was envisaged by Nikos Skepetzis along with his sister Chrisoula Skepetzi. In the absence of Nikos, the festival is curated and coordinated by his sister who organizes it every year under the auspices of the Municipality of Rethymnon. Nikos Skepetzis, a man of letters and arts, believed that culture is a social good and not an unnecessary luxury. Thus, the preparation of the festival with the help of art and discourse aims to promote culture in the city from where the festival started as well as any other place wishing to welcome it. We understand that art is a means of expression, a motive, but also a soul healer. Using all forms of art, we articulate a deeply personal discourse, an imprint of our presence spoken through the use of symbols, depicted on a painting, on a cloth, on a stage, on a stave, or on paper with words. Art has the power to trigger intelectual, physical, mental and spiritual reactions and the festival presents all its expressive forms (theatre, visual arts, writing, poetry, cinema, music) that are relevant to all people, both young and old. With the conviction and the belief that art saves our souls, we do our utmost to immerse ourselves in it and let it become part of our reality; after all, that is the mission and purpose of the “Nikos Skepetzis” Art Festival.

The program "CHANIaRT - Artistic Routes in the region of Chania" is implemented by the " Chania Museum of Contemporary Art – “Olivepress” in collaboration with the Region of Crete - Regional Unit of Chania, all the Municipalities of the Prefecture of Chania and the Cultural Organizations that aim towards the study and development of Culture and the Fine Arts.

The aim of the "CHANIaRT" program is to promote the artistic potential of the Chania region, and to place Chania amongst the major centres of artistic activity in Greece, in an arena of new trends and a forum for artistic dialogue and creativity, a melting pot of interaction between local cultural values and international avant-garde currents. The role of Chania as a platform for the presentation of the activity and pursuits of both the Art Masters and the imaginative Young Creators.

At the same time, the goal remains to build an interactive communication network between all Cretan Artists, the local community, the wider art community and the global cultural fabric.

The Non-Profit Culture Company "Olivepress - Art Factory" was created with the aim of saving the old olive mill of the Zimbragou Agricultural Cooperative in the Prefecture of Chania, from abandonment and desolation. Its purpose is to house cultural events, turning it into a place of memory and a field of activity in the inland of the island.

The building of the Old Olive Oil Company consists of the central building core that was stone-built in the 1920s and the wings that circle it built in successive construction phases until the 1970s. In 1980 it ceased to function as a mill and was left to an escalating decay. During its reconstruction the objective was to preserve the initial materials of the building with its original technological equipment with as little intervention as possible. The mechanical equipment of the mill had been “Made in Greece” (!) in the early 1960s and has been preserved as a memory and reference point for the original operations of the place.

Nowadays, the "Olivepress - Art Factory" is a multidimensional cultural organization. It consists of the "Visual Arts Gallery of Chania" which aims to organize educational programs and present regular art exhibitions, and the "Museum of Contemporary Art of Chania" which aims to preserve, present and showcase the permanent collections of the “Olivepress”, and, also, to promote and assist the study of the interactive contact of Contemporary Art with Man. Moreover, the "Olivepress - Art Factory" launches six major programs of Communication, Cooperation, Development & Culture: 1. "The Museum Road", 2. "Circle of the Gorges", 3. "CHANIaRT - Artistic Routes in the region of Chania" , 4. "Art & Wine - Western Crete Wineries Produce Culture", 5. "Creative Hosting of Artists - Olivepress Art Residency" & 6. "The Art podium".

The old oil mill, reborn in an "Art Factory", is located in the village of Dromonero, 33 kilometres southwest of the city of Chania (a 30-minute drive), on the road leading to Paleochora, a picturesque fishing village of the Libyan Sea with magical beaches.