Event Type:Marionettes

Cultural Area:Centre of Mediterranean Architecture

Date:Saturday, 04 Jan 2020


Morning Start: 13:30

Afternoon Start: 18:00


Free Entry



Marionettes from around the globe carry us to the magical world of art, joy and fantasy.
The “Technovates” show features marionettes from different parts of the world. With their impressive performances they build up an imaginative journey from the East to the West, that includes music, dance, magic tricks and illusions. In this fascinating journey that unites artistically diverse cultures, entertainment is connected to the multicultural dynamics of puppet theatre. Eight elaborate handmade large puppets (1.50m-2.10m) are presented, in a scenery of impressive stage props (6m long and 2.50m high).
The show is oriented towards creating a dialectical framework between the animator and the audience. In that way, in a standard and entertaining way, it adopts features of an experiential pedagogical process. The constant interaction and active participation of the spectators create a unique aesthetic environment for the performer and the audience. Smiles, imagination and art coexist harmoniously within this environment.

Co-organized by: Municipality of Chania | KEPPEDIH CAM

This performance is in Greek