Event Type:Cinema

Cultural Area:Kipos Municipal Cinema

Date:Monday, 06 Jul 2020


Starts: 21:30


Admission: 5€

Children up to 12 years old: 1€

Students: 1€

Unemployed: 1€

Disabled: 1€

People over 65: 1€


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Dinos Dimopoulos’s “Jenny Jenny”

Philology student Jenny Skoutari, the daughter of local party leader Kosmas Skoutaris, often visits the private library of shipowner Miltos Kassandris, her father's political opponent. Kassandris is preparing his nephew - and Jenny's childhood friend - Nikos Mantas, to run for parliament in the upcoming elections. Gortsos, a candidate as well, has the lead, and he is supported by Skoutaris, who is, at the same time, facing financial problems. So, Kassandris decides to force Jenny to marry his nephew in a marriage of convenience, while at the same time financially saving her father, in order to ensure the election of his nephew. This marriage of convenience, however, will bring true love and other unexpected consequences to the “couple”.

The film is the first color film by Jenny Karezi, which marks the biggest commercial success of her career.

It is the beginning of Nora Valsami's collaboration with Finos Film. Finos initially wanted to test the young actress to see how she portrayed on the big screen. For this reason, she was given the role of singer in a nightclub, with her voice dubbed by the great singer Kaiti Chomata.

The script of the film is influenced by the political events of that time - successive elections, the defection of certain members of the government in 1965, etc. - taking an interesting look at the prevailing political climate and the strength of the local party leaders.

The location shooting of the film was done in Spetses.

Production: Finos Film
Category: Comedy
Directed by: Dinos Dimopoulos
Screenplay: Asimakis Gialamas, Costas Pretenteris
Duration: 98΄
First Screening: February 21, 1966
Tickets: 587,323

Actors: Jenny Karezi, Dionysis Papagiannopoulos, Andreas Barkoulis, Lambros Konstantaras, Nora Valsami,

Photography: Nikos Kavoukidis
Music: Costas Kapnisis
Stage design: Markos Zervas
Makeup: Stavros Kelesidis, Argyro Kouroupou
Editing: Petros Lykas
Singing: Kaiti Chomata

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