Event Type:Theatre

Cultural Area:Centre of Mediterranean Architecture

Date:Monday, 30 Dec 2019


Starts: 21:00


Admission: 10 €


National Theatre of London
One man, Two Guvnors

The Antenna Group, in collaboration with the British Embassy and the British Council, connects the audience of Chania with theatrical heart of Europe and presents a hysterical contemporary comedy based on the classic play of Carlo Goldoni, directed by Nicholas Hytner, the artistic director of the National Theatre.

Director: Nicholas Hytner
Scenery: Mark Thompson
Lighting: Mark Henderson
Music: Grant Olding

David Benson, Oliver Chris, Polly Conway, James Corden, Jolyon Dixon, Tom Edden, Martyn Ellis, Derek Elroy, Trevor Laird, Claire Lams, Paul Lancaster, Fergus March, Gareth Mason, Fred Ridgeway, Daniel Rigby, Jemima Rooper, Clare Thomson , Suzie Toase

Broadcasted with Greek subtitles